Public consultations are a planning mechanism that allows the effective participation of the different actors involved in the carbon market for the formulation, development, and implementation of CCMPs.

Cercarbono has this space for documents, tools, and methodologies to be made available to the public for a minimum period of 30 solar days, which can be developed by Cercarbono or by interested stakeholders. The documents that stakeholders submit for public consultation must be supported by the ISO 14064-2:2019 Standard.

By programme

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wdt_ID Document Version Start date Closing date Response to comments (English) Response to comments (Spanish)
13 Global Zero Waste and Cercarbono's Protocol for Voluntary Certification of Circular Economy 1.0 01/11/2022 30/11/2022
14 Tool to Report Contributions of Circular Economy Initiatives to the Sustainable Development Goals 1.0 26/01/2023 25/02/2023
15 Circular Economy Methodology for Encouraging Plastic Recycling. 1.0 29/06/2023 29/07/2023

Document wdt_ID Version Start date Closing date Response to comments (English)
Cercarbono's Biodiversity Certification Programme Protocol 13 1.0 01/12/2023 15/01/2024
Indicator Species Biodiversity Methodology for conservation of intact regional biodiversity using indicator species 14 1.1-C 26/12/2023 25/01/2024