Our multidisciplinary team is grouped in Directorates, which, in coordination with each other, make the proper functioning of the company possible. It is made up of people with great professional experience and high values, who are aware, committed, and responsible with the environment.

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Alejandro Celis

Board of Directors

Andrés Correa

Board of Directors

Victor Henríquez

Advisory Board

Juan David Durán

Board of Directors


Hernán Carlino


Miguel Freyermuth

Waste management and clean energy

William Rodríguez

Waste management and clean energy

Daniel Pérez


Jorge Plauchú

Clean energy and emissions

Madelen Giraldo


Manuela Castrillón

Accounting Assistant


Cercarbono is a standard with a voluntary carbon certification programme.

We have functional Directorates in charge of day-to-day operations including technical support, project certification, communications strategy, technology, accounting, and administrative operations, necessary for the ongoing operation of the standard.

The decision-making processes related to document production are detailed in the Procedures of Cercarbono’s Certification Programme document.